MentorSHPE at MSU

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Mission Statement 

The Michigan State University MentorSHPE Program exists to provide its mentees and mentors with a variety of learning opportunities that support their academic and long-term goals.

Why have a mentor?

There are many reasons one would like a mentor. Mentors can help schedule the upcoming semester, help with studying, assist with a campus tour, or even communicating with a mentor can make a major difference in one's college career.

MEET YOUr Mentors

Mentor-Mentee Goal

Each pair should set up a list of goals that are mentee-specific to find what the mentee expects to give and receive from the mentorSHPE. It is important that the mentees are clearly understood so that their objectives are worked on and achieved. These goals can be related to academic success, networking opportunities, and even social-related goals of any kind. These objectives will guide the mentor and make them feel more accountable with achieving the specific goals.

Participate in professional activities that would increase my experience in interacting with people from cultural backgrounds other than my own.



Jose Hernandez

My name is Jose Guadalupe Hernandez, I am entering my 2nd year as a doctoral student at MSU pursuing a dual PhD in Computer Science and Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, & Behavior. I am part of the Digital Evolution Lab under Dr. Charles Ofria. My research focuses on the analysis and improvement of evolutionary algorithms. During my free time you can catch chilling with friends or family, working out, or eating tasty food!